La Crepe d'Elen


There are so many specialties in Bretagne... and none of them were available in Oslo !

Elen decided to re-create her own favourites using a combination of local products and home typical ingredients to give all our food this homely taste

… with a norwegian twist!

We're a deli

This is new ! We make our specialties and export them in other venues and shops

La Crepe d’Elen is now a deli brand, you can find our products in Gutta, Mathallen, Iceland, and more ! Get in touch if you’d like some delicious caramel au beurre salé or Madeleines in your venue ! 

we cater !

La crepe d’elen can also entertain your party, office gathering, birthday, Coporate events or special occasion of any kind where there is music and empty stomach

Do request a tasting! Menu items are completely customizable.

  • Corporate: we’ll assemble a tasting package just for you and deliver it right to your office! 
  • non corporate / event : we’ll schedule a tasting just for you in our kitchen or at your place. 
Since every event is different, the perfect menu can be created to fit your venue and budget. 

We're a crÊperie / café / bakery In Oslo !

La Crepe d’Elen pops up in various areas of Oslo, from Frogner to Vulkan, Mathallen to Hukkoden… We roam the city in search for great cozyness and amazing flavours. 

We serve our products in homely environments that welcomes family vibe, chill out, party mood. A little bit of Bretagne in our dear Norway !  

Here's our Story

On October 3 2013, the adventure “la crêpe d’Elen” began in Oslo. Elen’s first restaurant had finally opened in Frogner in Niels Juels Gate!

This small, uniquely designed restaurant created by TiNY Studio is still in people’s mind.

M’ and Elen have been collaborating together from early days to create cosy and convivial restaurants. Swing chairs, wooden furniture, comic strips on the wall, the right recipe for a warm and cheerful atmosphere!

The traditional Breton creperie mixed  with the wooden Norwegian nature was a reality  in Oslo.

In addition to her restaurant in Frogner, Elen opened a second creperie in Vulkan in 2014.

New food lovers discovered Elen’s delicious crepes and pastries. In the morning, they came to have their breakfast “à la française” with croissants, or pains au chocolat that just came out hot from the oven. At noon, they stopped by to find the delicious savory galettes.

And what about crêpes, then? Crêpe is this little pleasure that everyone could have at any time


Life comes and goes, mother of 3, Elen sometime had to make choices and change course!

This is why she also worked all summer 2018 on Huk beach in Bigdøy (Hukkodden restaurant). Here again crêpes, galettes and gâteaux Bretons had great success! In 2020, she also settled for a some time at Tiffany to serve you until May 2021.

 Today, Elen is focusing on other activities where she can just as well express her passion for mouth-watering food.

The production of your favorites are found in food store, especially in delicatessens.

Together with her new activity Elen specialized in finger food catering, service she offered since 2014. She prepares savory and sweet gourmet platters of small and delicate mouthfuls that are as delicious as they looks.

Her unique style has already been savored by many institutions and privates gatherings (the European Union delegation, French institute, embassy of Georgia, UNICEF, French chamber of commerce, Xgames, weddings and private parties…).

Elen is also a great regular of big events with a series of festivals in which she participated. She is passionate about all she is doing but she is sometime missing the everyday contact she had with all of you. This is why today she is also trying to organise punctual events in Oslo to meet you <3



Hei !

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