La Crepe d'Elen


There are so many specialties in Bretagne… and none of them were available in Oslo !



Elen decided to re-create her own favourites using a combination of local products and home typical ingredients to give all our food this homely taste


… with a norwegian twist!


adapted recipes


Happy fed skier





The star: The famous Galettes OF Bretagne

Galettes de Bretagne are basically thin crepes from the Brittany region in northwestern France. These pancakes are made from buckwheat flour, then filled with various ingredients such as eggs, ham, mushrooms, and bacon. 

In Brittany, creperies are so popular that they outnumber cafés, and people regularly use them to consume their galettes with bits of salted butter.

Traditionally, the pancakes are paired with a glass of local cider. According to a legend, the Bretagne galette was invented by accident, when a farmer spilled buckwheat porridge on a hot surface. Although people usually associate buckwheat flour with a salty taste, buckwheat crépes are extremely nutritious and contain vitamins B1, B2, and fiber that helps in preventing high blood pressure.

Buckwheat came to Brittany from the east in the 12th century, so thick, moist, and flavorful galettes were ready to win over even the pickiest palates.


These thin pancakes are made with wheat flour, and have origins in Brittany as well. Although they are a French staple and a national dish, crêpes are so popular that they have spread worldwide since the turn of the 20th century, when white wheat flour became affordable. These delectable treats are made with flour, eggs, milk, and butter whipped into a thin batter, which is then poured in a crêpe pan and fried.


The tradition is to flip them in the air as they cook, and they say that if you catch it in the pan, your family will be well-off for the rest of the year. The word crêpe is derived from the Latin root crispa, meaning curdled. Crêpes are one of the best-known French desserts, and they are commonly filled with various sweet fillings such as jam, chocolate, berries, or whipped cream.

Eaten hot or cold and found in crêperies throughout France and beyond, these delicious pancakes are a true worldwide hit

The most delicious specialties from Bretagne !

There’s nothing better than finishing a meal on a sweet note or enjoying a sweet treat at any time of day. In Brittany, everyone knows that butter is the most important ingredient in cakes and biscuits. Breton pastries and sweet treats (also known as ‘lichouseries’ from the Breton word lichou meaning ‘gourmand’) are always very popular and make the best memories.

Kouign amann, palets bretons, gateau breton, far, caramel au beurre salé… We have an extensive range of products continually on development